Sildenafil Walgreens – Is It Cheaper to Get Sildenafil in Walgreens or Online

431Sildenafil Walgreens – Is It Cheaper to Get Sildenafil in Walgreens or Online?

Walgreens or Walgreen Company is an American chain of pharmacy store that serves in the US. It is the second largest pharmacy store in the country. Among the products sold by Walgreens are wellness products, prescription medicines, over the counter medicines, and health products – this includes erectile dysfunction medicines such as sildenafil. Since 2008, Walgreens has agreed to stop altering prescriptions without a doctor’s permission. To date, Walgreens remains to be one of the best sources of sildenafil products if you are looking to refill your ED prescription in your neighborhood.

In their website, Walgreens offers Sildenafil 20 mg with complete information about when to use it, how to use it with important drug details that users need to know. They also added info about the possible side effects of taking sildenafil, cautions to take while on medication and what to do in case of overdose. If you are not familiar with Sildenafil, searching for Sildenafil Walgreens will surely fill you out on things that you need to know prior to taking this medicine.

Sildenafil Male Enhancement Pills at Walgreens

Finding Sildenafil Walgreens is easy because you can find the available sildenafil products they offer. Sildenafil is a medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction and high blood pressure in the lungs or pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH).

Sildenafil is a muscle relaxant that helps to increase the blood flow in the affected area (heart or lungs or penile muscle). Sildenafil is a prescription medicine, meaning it should only be taken as prescribed. Even if you have the same condition with your friend and your friend is taking Sildenafil, it is not advisable to just take it as well.

Upon checking Walgreens website, we found two Sildenafil products that Walgreens offer – Revatio and Viagra

Upon checking Walgreens website, we found two Sildenafil products that Walgreens offer – Revatio and Viagra. Revatio is a known medicine for pulmonary arterial hypertension or PAH while Viagra is the first marketed erectile dysfunction medicine. Both medicines were produced by Pfizer.

Upon further checking, we were unable to find generic sildenafil medicines in Walgreens. It looks like this giant pharmacy store only offers branded medicine. This can be a problem because these medicines are costly as compared to its generic counterparts.

Walgreens Viagra Price

The good thing about Walgreens is that they now have a website that caters to people who want to order online. They have certain conditions such as showing a valid prescription before dispensing a medicine though just like what they do in their physical pharmacy stores.

For pricing, we were unable to find it on their website. Walgreens advise potential buyers to call their local Walgreens Pharmacy for in-store pricing while online pricing can be checked by calling their toll free number at 877-250-5823.

According to Walgreens, ordering from them online for the first time is a bit hard because you need to create an account and submit information like your prescription and some personal details. Once everything has been set-up, your next orders will be easier.

Sildenafil Walgreens Versus Non Prescription Viagra Alternative Online

With the introduction of online pharmacies, most people are no longer leaving their home just to buy their medicine. With a computer and an internet connection, anyone can now just order their medicines and wait for it to get delivered. Still, why would you consider getting your sildenafil refill from Walgreens?

Pros of buying sildenafil Walgreens

  • You are 100% sure that you will be receiving a quality product and a genuine medicine from Walgreens. Regardless if you are ordering online or from your local Walgreens Pharmacy, you can be assured that you will be paying for the real sildenafil medicine.
  • If you order online or from your local drugstore and you encounter an issue with your sildenafil, you can easily return it or ask for a refund. All Walgreens pharmacy can cater to your needs and problem and will do everything they can to resolve it as fast as possible since you are there in person.
  • You will get your money’s worth. Sildenafil Walgreens is more expensive as compared to generic sildenafil but then you are paying for the brand’s name and its promised efficacy.

Cons of buying Sildenafil Walgreens

  • It is more expensive. The sildenafil medicines offered in Walgreens such as Viagra and Revatio are branded medicines hence the price are higher as compared to generic sildenafil products.
  • You have limited choices. Unlike ordering sildenafil online where you can find numbers of generic sildenafil brands to choose from, Walgreens only offer two sildenafil products, Revatio and Viagra. Most online pharmacies offer up to 10 types of sildenafil products and alike like Vardenafil (which is also a good alternative for sildenafil).
  • Walgreens doesn’t offer promotions or discounts like online pharmacies. Online pharmacies on the other hand always offer promotions and coupons that you can use to get more savings when refilling your prescription.


Buying Sildenafil from Walgreens can be a good thing if you have Walgreens Pharmacy in your area. It means you don’t have to spend for gas or to travel just to get your prescription refilled. It is also good if you are a user of branded medicines and you have the money to pay for it. However, if you are looking for ways to cut your expenses when it comes to your medicine without sacrificing its efficacy and quality, I suggest that you better consider getting your medicine from online pharmacies. Most online pharmacies always have discount coupons to dispense along with perks such as free bonus pills every time a customer makes an order.

With the advantages and disadvantages cited above, it is preferable refilling your sildenafil prescription online rather than getting it from the nearest Walgreens. For a list of TOP verified online pharmacies, consider consulting our site.

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