Sildenafil Powder – Where Can You Buy It

442Sildenafil Powder – Where Can You Buy It?

The raw material used in making Viagra is Sildenafil Citrate. This is the active formula that helps the muscle relax. While the affected muscle is being relaxed, it also helps to regulate the blood flow, allowing for a better muscle performance. Sildenafil is a treatment for erectile dysfunction hence it works by helping the penile muscle relax and obtain a longer erection. Raw sildenafil citrate is in a powder form and most companies are manufacturing it into a tablet or a capsule to make it easier for patients to take.

When sildenafil is taken as a powder, researchers say that it works faster. The action of sildenafil powder can be felt in as fast as 15 minutes while regular sildenafil tablets take 30 to 45 minutes for the bloodstream to absorb it. This is still dependent on your current condition like if you just had a heavy meal.

Sildenafil powder is white in color. It looks like a crystalline powder that is soluble when mixed with ethanol. There are sold sildenafil powder that is ready to use and can be found online. When ordered, sildenafil powder is often packed in a bags. These bags have inner PP and Al foil inside to ensure that the powder stays intact and uncontaminated inside.

Popular Sildenafil Citrate Powder Manufacturers India

With the popularity of sildenafil powder because of its fast-acting effect, most ED patients are now more into it as compared to sildenafil tablet. Finding a trusted store that sells sildenafil powder is a challenge since there are not many companies offering it at the moment. If you are looking for sildenafil citrate powder manufacturers in India, here are some of them:

  • Arrow Healthcare Suppliers – this is a sildenafil powder manufacturer in India that is based in Rajasthan. Arrow Healthcare is focused on providing drugs and treating erectile dysfunction among men. The minimum sildenafil powder order they accept is 1 kilogram.
  • Uma Brothers – Uma Brothers is a sildenafil powder manufacturer located in Maharashtra. They offer varieties of pharmaceutical raw materials, including sildenafil. Uma Brothers were established in 1978.
  • Vipro Lifescience – Vipro Lifesience is an Indian company that was established in 1987. They discover, develop and market their own products including sildenafil powder. Vipro Lifesience has a market presence inside and outside of India.
  • Prans Life Science – An international pharmaceutical company located in Gujarat, India, Prans Life Science is involved in exporting and marketing their own products including sildenafil powder.
  • Nippy Chemicals – Nippy Chemicals has its main office in Telangana, India. It is known for manufacturing raw materials for pharma industries and that includes sildenafil powder. Nipy Chemicals was established in 2002.
  • Simson Pharma – a company in Maharashtra, India, Simson Pharma is known for producing drug substance base and specialty chemicals like sildenafil powder. Simson Pharma has been operating since 2008.
  • Wellona Pharma – is a large supplier and producer of pharmaceutical products in India. They sell sildenafil powder but the minimum order must be 25 kilograms. Wellona Pharma says their product has a shelf life of 5 years.

Sildenafil Citrate Wholesale

Given its popularity and the current number of manufacturers that offer sildenafil citrate or the raw sildenafil (powder), it is no surprise that some large online drugstores are ordering sildenafil powder in bulk or in wholesale. These online drug shops are now starting to invest in getting sildenafil powder, repacking it, and selling it in smaller dosages worldwide.

Why are they investing and purchasing sildenafil citrate wholesale?

Why are they investing and purchasing sildenafil citrate wholesale?

  • Online pharmacies are now viewing it as an investment as more and more ED drug users prefer using fast-acting ED medicine. Sildenafil powder works in the bloodstream in as fast as 15 minutes, reducing the wait time to at least 50% for men before they become ready for action.
  • There is a large return on investment with sildenafil citrate. This raw product doesn’t have to go through the manufacturing process. Once the manufacturer delivered the bulk order, online pharmacies will just have to repack it carefully and it is good to go. Selling it also means earning hundreds of dollars in a single transaction as compared to a few dollars per order of sildenafil tablet.

Can anyone purchase sildenafil citrate in bulk? Anyone can now order a few kilograms of sildenafil powder provided that your countrys drug law is not that strict

Can anyone purchase sildenafil citrate in bulk? Anyone can now order a few kilograms of sildenafil powder provided that your country’s drug law is not that strict. Importing drugs, especially in a powder form is governed and sanctioned by the destination’s country’s law hence before making an attempt to order sildenafil powder in wholesale, check with your local authority’s first.


Using raw sildenafil powder is now becoming a new trend among erectile dysfunction patients. This is because of the fast-acting effect of Sildenafil powder as compared to erectile dysfunction tablets and pills. With its popularity comes the different manufacturing companies in India that offer sildenafil powder.

What should you know before ordering sildenafil powder online?

  • Sildenafil powder is the active ingredient of Viagra and if you are purchasing online, make sure that you are ordering a sildenafil powder that is 99% pure sildenafil. Be aware of scam websites that offer fake sildenafil powder or sildenafil powder with a mixture of something else.
  • Understand how to use sildenafil powder. It should be mixed in your drink then take it at least 1 minutes before your planned sexual activity.
  • Always purchase your erectile dysfunction drug from a trusted online pharmacy. We have a list of top online pharmacies that you can consider and most of them also offer sildenafil powder.

Now that sildenafil powder has gained popularity in the ED world, it’s become easier for people to find it and purchase it just like a regular ED drug. Our top-rated list of online drugstores remain to be the top choice when it comes to a place where you can order sildenafil powder.

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