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409Sildenafil Generic Price: Cheap Alternative to Sildenafil Citrate Without Compromising on Quality

Sildenafil Citrate has been around for more than one decade under the brand name Viagra. The drug was approved by FDA in 1998 as an erectile dysfunction drug. Since then, it was manufactured by Pfizer up until 2013 when the patent expired in the UK opening the gates for other manufacturers to create generics of the famous blue pill. The brand name Viagra continues to be a household name even with the advent of generic variants.

Generic Sildenafil, like Viagra, is an erectile dysfunction medication that shares the same active ingredient. In terms of how it works, they are virtually the same thing. It can also treat pulmonary arterial hypertension. They are both over-the-counter medications and generic Sildenafil is even covered by some insurance plans. Viagra isn’t hence making the generic more readily available.

Various companies created Sildenafil generics that have flooded the market. Before the other manufacturers could create generics, Viagra was pretty much produced by Pfizer alone. They sold it at rather prohibitive prices.

That all changed when other manufacturers were allowed to create their own Sildenafil variants. Due to the sheer number of products pushed to the market, the generics outstripped the market demand pushing their prices low. Even though brand Viagra still remained and continues to command a large clientele, the generics allowed some people to enjoy the benefits of Sildenafil at lower prices. While brand Viagra goes for a little above $10 per pill on some pharmacies, you can buy generic Sildenafil for even less than $1 per pill if you find a good supplier.

Since there are more manufacturers producing the generics, it is widely available on the internet. You can find them at the nearest drug store or at online pharmacies. All you need to do is look for a reliable pharmacy online and you can get the pill delivered to you wherever you are in the world. If you want to find a reliable vendor, have a look at our Top List of Recommended Pharmacies.

Sildenafil Price 100mg

Generic Sildenafil that is manufactured by most companies comes in different quantities. Quantity means the amount of sildenafil in the pill. The smallest is 25mg, followed by 50mg and then 100mg. In terms of price, 25mg is the cheapest with 100mg being the most expensive.

The initial recommended dosage of Sildenafil is 50mg

The initial recommended dosage of Sildenafil is 50mg. Once you have taken 50mg, the physician will monitor your body’s response to it and determine the correct dosage for you. If you find it too weak, you are supposed to use the 100mg medication. If you are overwhelmed by 50mg of Sildenafil, you should dial back to 25mg Sildenafil.

Sildenafil 100mg is the highest dose and the most potent. There are a few merits to using the 100mg variant. First, it has the most profound effect. Remember that you should not use the high dose if it is too potent for you. In addition to having the strongest effects, it also helps reduce anxiety. The fact that the patient is sure to get the kick out of this pill boosts their confidence thus eliminating anxiety. Nevertheless, remember that you ought to take your correct dose because using one that is too strong will be more disadvantageous than advantageous.

Revatio Cost

Besides the sildenafil quantities discussed above, there is a 20mg sildenafil tablet. Pfizer manufactures one called Revatio. There are generic versions of Revatio. It is also an ED pill that contains lower quantities of Sildenafil. It is also the cheapest of the assortment.

The good thing with a 20mg dose is that for some people a 50mg is a bit too strong but 25 is too weak

The good thing with a 20mg dose is that for some people a 50mg is a bit too strong but 25 is too weak. They need something that is somewhere in between leaning towards the 50mg mark. 20mg saves the day because by taking just two pills, they hit the 40mg mark which they feel is perfect. It can also be helpful if you find that 60mg is your right quantity. It is available in online stores in generic and brand form.

Does Generic Viagra work? Sildenafil vs Viagra

Before Sildenafil came along, Viagra was the standalone Sildenafil Citrate ED pill manufactured by Pfizer. However, when they lost the patent in Europe, it opened the door for other manufacturers to create their own Sildenafil equivalents. They both are similar in many respects but they have some variations.

Viagra is more expensive than the generic version

Viagra is more expensive than the generic version. This has been attributed to the sheer number of generics there are in the market. They also look different. While Viagra has a trademark blue color and diamond shape in its pills, Generic versions of Sildenafil have no constant appearance. The appearance is dictated by the manufacturers. Inevitably, as manufacturers aim to stamp their mark and be a bit unique, they end up designing their pills in their own unique way.


Generic Sildenafil has been a revelation for many ED patients worldwide. Since its inception, it has provided a cheap alternative to Sildenafil Citrate. It is a cheap medication that is widely available on the internet. Before Generic Sildenafil was created, people had to buy Viagra at a relatively higher price.

Now, they can buy it on the internet at a cheap. However, when you buy the pills, buy from a credible seller. You wouldn’t want to buy from a thief who will rob you of your money or give you what you didn’t ask for.

This generic version of Sildenafil is so cheap because it is manufactured by many companies. In an attempt to fend off competition, they lower prices and this in effect gives the patient very cheap Sildenafil pills. Bearing in mind that generic Sildenafil is as effective as Sildenafil Citrate, it is a welcome bargain. For a comprehensive information on the online pharmacies that carry generic Sildenafil, our TOP list of Verified Pharmacies will come handy.

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