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74Pharmacy Checker Reviews: Find Genuine Drug Sellers Online

The web can be a dangerous place especially when it comes to ordering medicinal drugs. Thousands of pharmacies will pose as real drug stores while in the real sense they are fake stores that are looking to make sure that they steal from people who are looking for affordable drugs online. It can be hard to distinguish between a real and a fake store. Therefore, it is easy to fall into traps. Due to this reason, Pharmacy checker was established.

Pharmacy Checker is a program that has been online since 2003. Its major goal has been to help consumers find the lowest drug prices online from licensed pharmacies in Canada and in other countries. They find pharmacies either located in Canada or outside Canada which sell genuine medications at the lowest prices.

They help consumers save their money and at the same time ensure that their health is not compromised. For anyone who is looking for genuine medications, making sure that any program is genuine is something that is of great help. Is Pharmacy Checker legit?

Pharmacy Checker User Reviews

There are other programs online that claim to offer the same services that Pharmacy Checker offers. The question is; which of these programs is legit. The best way to determine the legitimacy of a program is by checking what users have to say about it. The following user reviews will allow you to know whether you can trust pharmacy checker or not.

Pharmacy Checker Reviews (Source: https://web

Pharmacy Checker Reviews (Source:

Steve claims that he is a Medicare patient and the majority of his meds are unaffordable. He says that Silverscript/Medicare did something that made his insulin and blood platelets medications unaffordable for him. The only option that he had was to not take the medication or forego buying food or paying rent. He decided to use one of the drug stores listed on Pharmacy Checker instead. Previously, at Medicare, his medications required him to pay $120 and $80 respectively each month. The pharmacy that he found at Pharmacy Checker sold the same meds at $103 and $41 for three months. This shows that Pharmacy Checker helped him save his money.

Gail Fisher Claims that he recommends Pharmacy Checker to all his friends especially those in the Parkinson’s community. He says that Pharmacy checker gives his friends a chance to find a safe option that sells their drugs at a cheaper and affordable price.

Leyla Tagizade is a health care provider. She really appreciates Pharmacy Checker’s initiative. She is passionate about equal healthcare access and pharmacy checker is among the best initiatives that she has met.

Sharon Schirmer is very pleased with pharmacy checker. She says that her meds are so much affordable through Pharmacy Checker as compared to what she is forced to pay through Medicare plan. She was able to get a 50% reduction in costs by making use of Pharmacy Checker.

The reviews prove that everyone who uses Pharmacy checker is very happy with the services that they receive. The users report that they are able to get great prices on their rather expensive drugs. This means that Pharmacy checker can be trusted.

Legit Online Drug Stores

There are real and legit drugstores online. However, getting access to these stores can be very hard. But, with a program like Pharmacy Checker, you will have the ability to know these real stores. Pharmacy checker usually lists the top pharmacies that offer the best services and genuine medications:

Pharmacy Checker Pharmacy List

Pharmacy Checker Pharmacy List

Although it is hard to identify which store is real and which one is fake, real stores share some very common characteristics. If a store is genuine, it will have a large number of repeat clients. It will have a large number of positive consumer reviews and it should have a great reputation.

It is highly inadvisable for individual patients to try to determine which store is real on their own especially when they are new to purchasing drugs online. Real stores are very few. The majority of stores will look like they are real while they are actually fake stores. Falling into a scammer’s trap is very easy. Scammers will use anything and everything to try and lure you into their trap. They will even offer you unrealistically low prices. Once you pay, you won’t receive your medications.

Therefore, it is important to trust pharmacies that have been investigated by experts to determine whether they are legitimate or not. We use our resources to investigate and determine real stores. That way we ensure that you don’t get scammed. Real stores are available in our catalog.

Order Prescription Drugs Online

Pharmacy Checker will help you locate a great pharmacy which will refill your prescription at a cheap price. One thing that we encourage all consumers to avoid is using stores that they cannot verify their legitimacy. If you do order from these stores, you place yourself at the risk of receiving some fake medications which will worsen your health condition instead of rectifying it. We have been investigating thousands of drug stores that claim to refill prescriptions. We have isolated the ones that sell real stores from the fake stores. We have added real stores to our list of stores that we recommend you to order from.


Pharmacy Checker is a program that has been offering patients a chance to save on their prescription medications since the year 2003. For more than a decade and a half, patients have always trusted them. This is because they do not recommend fake pharmacies. The stores that they recommend are real and they offer huge discounts.

There is nothing that places you in the danger of damaging your health even more than receiving medications from fake stores. These medications will either contain the wrong active ingredient or the right active ingredient but in amounts that are too high such that you will end up overdosing. Some stores will not deliver any drugs. Thus, you will end up losing your money. This can be avoided by not ordering medications from random stores. What you should do instead is order from a pharmacy that has enough evidence to prove its realness. All stores on our top-rated catalog have this evidence.

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