447Novo-Sildenafil: A Game-Changing ED Treatment

If you are someone who’s looking for an alternative to Viagra to treat erectile dysfunction, you might have come across the name Novo-Sildenafil. What is this drug, and does it solve the same problems that Viagra can? Is it just as effective, or does it have a downside of being a cheaper drug?

What is Novo-Sildenafil?

Novo-Sildenafil, simply put, is identical to the drug Sildenafil Citrate, which is sold in pharmacies in every continent of the world as the generic form of Viagra. That’s right: Viagra has a generic drug. The only difference between Novo-Sildenafil and generic Sildenafil is that Novo-Sildenafil is manufactured and distributed by the pharmaceutical company, Teva Canada, the Canadian branch of Teva Ltd. It is also more commonly known as Teva-Sildenafil, a name taken from the manufacturing company itself.

Sildenafil: Viagra, Only Cheaper!

Viagra has long been a widely sought-after drug, especially for men who have problems with maintaining erections and engaging in prolonged sexual activity. But Viagra can be pricey, even with discounts, because it often isn’t covered by medical insurance plans. That’s why people turn to Novo-Sildenafil or Teva-Sildenafil- so that they can buy a drug that works effectively to treat ED, without the outrageous costs.

Teva Sildenafil Canada

How did this drug come to be? Interestingly enough, Teva Sildenafil has a surprising history behind its conception. It all started with a case opened up against Viagra’s company, Pfizer.

The Gold Standard for Treating Sexual Impotence

The Gold Standard for Treating Sexual Impotence

  • Teva Canada took Pfizer to court in 2012 on the grounds that their patent drug, Viagra, was going to become a pharmaceutical monopoly even though there was actually a much cheaper drug in the market.
  • It was discovered by the Supreme Court of Canada that the expensive drug had the same basic component as Sildenafil and that Pfizer had been overcharging Viagra buyers, when, in fact, a much cheaper drug in the form of Sildenafil was available.
  • After Teva Canada exposed these facts, they took their new product to the masses- Sildenafil- promptly after winning the case, which was affordable and readily available to the public.
  • Because Sildenafil was being sold at low prices, Pfizer had no choice but to lower their own prices for their brand-name drug, since both products were essentially one and the same.

The Pop-up Window on Teva Canadas Home Page

The Pop-up Window on Teva Canada’s Home Page

The step this company took caused a huge uproar in the pharmaceutical community, not only in the country of origin, but also all over the world, all because it provided a cheap and safe alternative to Viagra as a drug for ED. Men all over the world now had a choice in the drug they wanted to take.

Teva Sildenafil Vs Viagra

With all this talk of Sildenafil and Viagra being the same drug, is it really true that they work the same way? Are there any benefits to taking Sildenafil instead of Viagra?

The Drug That Changed the Face of ED Treatment

The Drug That Changed the Face of ED Treatment

  • Sildenafil treats erectile dysfunction the same way that Viagra does, which is by aiding blood flow so that males can get an erection sufficient for sexual activity.
  • Teva-Sildenafil comes in several different dosages, which helps consumers choose just the right amount that lets them perform at an optimal level. Listen to your doctor’s advice on which dose may be perfect for you.
  • As mentioned previously in this article, the biggest advantage that Sildenafil has over its brand name cousin Viagra is that its prices are considerably cheaper. You get more value for your money for your product, instead of buying an overpriced drug that’s exactly the same.
  • Just like Viagra, you do need to get your doctor’s approval and prescription in order to buy and take Sildenafil. This is to make sure that you’re getting the right drug that will work for your condition, and so that you can prevent buying any fake or counterfeit medications.

The only reason that Viagra seems to come out on top in comparison to its competitors is due to its long unrivaled reign as the best drug for battling erectile dysfunction, as well as its status as a branded drug under its company. However, taking its generic form, Sildenafil, works just as well, without any additional side-effects, and it turns out it’s a financial lifesaver, too.


With all of the technological advances of today, a big advantage is that we have the power to choose the products we buy and the drugs to improve the quality of our lives. With a big brand drug like Viagra proving too costly for many fathers and husbands, Novo-Sildenafil is a great substitute that can give you the same benefits without the cost weighing down on your mind or your wallet.

Self-medicating can be dangerous, especially if it turns out that you are allergic to any of the components in Sildenafil Citrate. It is also important to keep an eye on the dosage you’re taking. Taking an insufficient dose could prevent any effects from kicking in at all while overdosing could exacerbate negative side-effects. Your doctor’s suggestions can be invaluable for choosing the right dose for you to take, and how often you can take them.

If you wish to stop taking your current medication and switch to Novo-Sildenafil or Teva-Sildenafil instead, consult your doctor before doing so. It’s never a good idea to purchase drugs and medications without a prescription, so steer clear of any online scams or deals that offer you such drugs without any form doctor’s script.

Buying something as important as drugs online can be risky, so doing thorough research or asking your doctor for recommendations of reliable online pharmacies can mean the difference between a good product or a faulty one. There is also a list of top-rated pharmacies here that can give you a good idea of where you can buy not only Sildenafil but also other needed prescription drugs.

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