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83Mexican Pharmacies Oxycontin: Eliminate Severe Ongoing Pain

Oxycontin is a medication that is applied in relieving severe ongoing pain. The active ingredient in this medication is known as Oxycodone. This active ingredient belongs in a class of drugs that are known as Opioid (narcotic analgesics). Once it is ingested, this drug will help relieve the pain that a patient is undergoing by changing how the brain and the body feels and responds to pain.

The majority of pain medications, when purchased in the local drug stores, will require a patient to have a prescription. However, pain is a health condition that is known to come abruptly and from a myriad of causes which don’t warrant for someone to get a prescription first. For this reason, patients often want to know if there is another place where they can get pain meds except local stores.

Local stores are also known to offer high prices. One solution that has always allowed patients to solve their pain problems easily and efficiently include the Mexican stores. For people who depend on Oxycontin to relieve their severe pains, it would be a good idea to know whether they can locate this drug in a Mexican store.

Mexican Pharmacies Oxycontin Price

Price is a huge determinant of whether many patients will buy or not buy a drug. This is because the majority of people who need drugs are usually on a budget. Oxycontin is available in the Mexican drug stores. However, locating the medication can be quite hard. Therefore, in this article, the price that we will be using is for Oxycontin as sold in general online stores. The price of the drug is as follows:

Oxycontin Price Online

Oxycontin Price Online

Oxycontin is available in various dosages. The price that we have indicated here is for the 10mg tablet. 30 tablets of this dosage will require you to pay $98.17. This means that for each Oxycontin pill that you take home, you will need to pay $3.27. The price that is much lower than what the local stores will sell the same medication to you.

It is easy to get cheated by scammers that they have Oxycontin in stock. Scammers will not have a real drug in store. What they do is that they ship fake drugs. These will compromise your health even more. Instead of letting a fake store damage your health, make sure that you order your Oxycontin from a genuine store. We have stores that have been proven to stock Oxycontin and other prescription medications that are genuine. These are on our list that we suggest to you so that you can stay safe.

Legit Mexican Pharmacies

Scam Mexican drug stores are everywhere. Before ordering their meds, one thing that consumers will wonder about is whether there is a real store that can offer real Oxycontin. The best way to know if you are likely to get real Oxycontin from a Mexican store is to read the reviews of people who have ordered from a Mexican pharmacy before.

Mexican Pharmacy Reviews (source: https://web

Mexican Pharmacy Reviews (source:

Cooper has been ordering from a Mexican Pharmacy Known as Medsmex for several years now. She has always been pleased with the customer service and their product. The service according to Cooper is fast and reliable. The selection of medications is excellent. She says that she would recommend the Mexican pharmacy to anyone.

Mary Louise is another user who trusts a Mexican pharmacy. She says that their prices are very good, their service is excellent and their products never disappoint her. She also appreciates the customer service. She says that she rates the Medsmex five stars 5 stars since the company is safe and reliable.

Mexican Pharmacy User Testimonial

Mexican Pharmacy User Testimonial

Becky Welsh says that she has been ordering from a Mexican drugstore for a long time and she always gets fast service. She says that she will keep using the pharmacy.

Sherry Knowles has ordered from a Mexican store many times for over twenty years. She says that Medmex is reliable, honest, and secure. Their website is easy to navigate and they offer very competitive prices. She says that the customer service is very friendly whenever she has dealt with them via the phone or email. She congratulates a customer service agent known as Thomas for being the best.

The above Mexican pharmacy reviews prove that it is possible to order Oxycontin and receive a genuine medication. Note that the reviews that we have indicated here don’t apply to each and every Mexican pharmacy. For the best chance to access the safest drugs from Mexican pharmacies, we suggest that you use the Mexican pharmacies that we have on our top-rated list.

Mexican Pharmacies Prescription Meds

On top of selling Oxycontin, Mexican pharmacies also sell other prescription medications. These drugs are much cheaper in comparison to the money you have to part with when you pay locally. To prove this, you can check the following prices:

Mexican Pharmacies Prescription Meds

Mexican Pharmacies Prescription Meds

As you can see in the above price list, it is possible to save money. The Mexican drugstore above allows you to save a minimum of 70% and the savings can go up to more than 80% depending on the drug you want to buy. Never get fooled by the prices though. Some stores will try to rip you off. Only trust an online pharmacy that has enough evidence to prove its legitimacy. These are the stores that we suggest to you.


Oxycontin is pain medication that helps patients eliminate severe ongoing pain. One thing to note about Oxycontin is that you should not use it without a doctor’s prescription. The drug can be very dangerous. For example, higher strength dosages such as 40mg tablets can cause an overdose and even death.

This drug is available in the Mexican stores. However, you cannot find it in each and every Mexican store. Some of the stores that you find online that claim to be real are not real and they will steal from you. You can avoid scammers and get real Oxycontin if you trust online proven stores. The stores that we suggest to you have been proven to be very real. Thus, you will get genuine Oxycontin from them.

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