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Getting access to medications in the USA can prove really hard especially when these drugs have to originate from a local store. Local stores have very high prices. These stores also don’t sell over the counter drugs. This means that in order to get access to any drugs, a patient has to go to the hospital or a medical professional in order to get a prescription. Due to these two factors, the majority of patients prefer getting their meds elsewhere.

One solution that suits everybody’s needs is the use of online drug stores. These stores offer to ship to anyone irrespective of the place they are located in. The stores will never ask for a prescription. As an added advantage, if you are not sure about which medication to acquire, some online drug stores will offer you access to a quick consultation with a physician.

Online stores are known to offer huge discounts on both brand and generic drugs. On top of the discounts, online stores offer their customers a chance to use coupon and promo codes which reduces the drugs’ prices even further. Are there any online stores in the USA which will offer you the drugs that you are looking for?

USA Online Pharmacy Store

Although there are genuine stores that are located in the United States, the majority of these usually stock brand drugs. These stores will not allow you to take any drugs home if you don’t have a prescription. The stores are also very expensive. For example, some of the stores that have a presence online in the United States include CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart. One common Medication that men require is the ED drug. These are the medications which help in treating impotence. The price for this drug is very high in these stores:

Meds USA Viagra Cost

Meds USA Viagra Cost

Viagra, when purchased from CVS, costs a minimum of 69.70 per tablet. When purchased from Walgreens, and Walmart respectively, the price becomes $72.10 and $69.11 per pill. This is a price that the majority of United States residents who are operating under a budget cannot afford. However, the same brand drug has the following prices when acquired from a Canadian store:

Canadian Viagra Price

Canadian Viagra Price

The drug now has a maximum price of $18.51 per tablet and a minimum price of $14.70 per pill as an option. The low prices and the fact that Canadian stores do not require patients to have a prescription have made Canadian stores very Popular to people who need medications in the United States. The question that people who are new to ordering drugs online ask themselves is whether there is a pharmacy in Canada that sells genuine drugs to consumers in the USA. Let’s find out.

Canadian Pharmacies Selling to USA

Canadian Pharmacies Selling to USA

Canadian stores allow people to save more money than they can ever save when they acquire their medication in the United States. There are numerous pharmacies with their headquarters in Canada. Some of these stores are genuine while others are not genuine. If you manage to get your medications from a genuine store, regardless of whether you reside in the United States or not, you will receive genuine medications.

Canadian stores don’t require you to have a prescription from a doctor. Therefore, as long as you know what you need, you will be able to get the medication quite easily. If you are not sure of what you are actually looking for, some of the Canadian drug stores will offer you a consultation session with one of their experienced physicians. In order to prove to you that when you acquire your medications in Canada you will be able to save a lot of money, the following are the prices of the most common prescription drugs that are sold by Canadian Drug stores.

Canadian Prescription drugs price

Canadian Prescription drugs price

It is important to note that you get a chance to save as much as 90% of the price that you would have paid if you had ordered the drugs in a local store in the United States. On top of you getting a chance to save this much, Canadian Online stores also have Promo and Coupon Codes which you can easily apply and save more money.

You will not get genuine medications from just any random drugstore that you come across in Canada. If you choose the drugstore to order from randomly, you will most likely end up being scammed and ripped off your hard-earned cash. We investigate Canadian stores. If we determine that a store is good, we will add it to our special list that holds only top-rated stores. If you want to order cheap drugs from Canada and save yourself money, you will get the chance if your medications come from one of the stores that we have in our catalog.

Mail Order Prescription Drugs from Canada

Most people prefer the use of mail to order and receive their medications from Canada. In the Canadian Stores, mail is offered as an option to their customers. In case you use Mail as the option that you prefer, you should be able to receive your meds within a period of 14 to 28 days. However, it is important to know that not all stores will fulfill the promise of delivering your meds by mail within a period of 14 to 28 days. Some of the stores located in Canada are scams and they will never deliver your drugs. For this reason, you need to stick with genuine stores. The stores that you will find in our catalog will ensure that you get what you are looking for. They will do this on time.


The majority of people looking for medications prefer to order their medications from drug stores located outside the USA. This is because these medications are cheap and they don’t require prescriptions. Many stores claim that they offer real medications. Don’t believe anything that you see on an online drug store’s website. Scammers will use the best words in order to trick you to order from them. What you need to do is to only believe stores that have been proven to be genuine. These are the stores that we have on our list of top-rated pharmacies.

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