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69Global Meds: Not All Online Pharmacies are Genuine

There are numerous drug stores online that claim that they offer the best services. They will also claim that they offer the best medications. The problem is, only a few of these stores will keep their word when you actually place your order. For this reason, you have to be very careful when it comes to choosing the store from which you order your meds. Global Meds is a store that claims to have its headquarters in the United States. When we checked online, their website could no load. However, we found that they had an online presence on Twitter and Facebook.

When we checked the about page on Facebook, we found that they had a very vague description of what they actually do. Their about claimed that their pharmacists give you a brief description of the medication you are looking for. They claimed to offer generic medications which include Levitra, Viagra, Kamagra, and more. The first thing that set a red flag about it is its inexistence online. However, in order to further prove its illegitimacy, we went ahead and checked for reviews.

Global Meds Reviews

The best way to determine whether a store is really genuine or it is fake is through checking the reviews left behind by men and women who have already used the store. Customers usually take their time to review a store after having their experience with it. We were able to locate Global Meds reviews online. What did people who had used the store had to say about it?

Global Meds Reviews (Source: https://global-meds

Global Meds Reviews

The first reviewer says that he sent his order on 12/27/2017. He received what was supposed to be a tracking number from Global Meds. However, until the day that he was writing the review, he hadn’t received a thing. He claims that they gave him a website that does not work. He claims that Global Meds is a Fraud.

The second reviewer says that Global Meds has been harassing him. They refused to remove his number from their system and they have been texting him without stopping. The guy who texts him is known as Sam and he has even been verbally explicit and he harasses him too much.

Global Meds User Complaints

Global Meds User Complaints

The first reviewer in this section says that Global Meds is not a good pharmacy at all. He says that they trick the buyer and they give fraudulent tracking numbers, websites, and shippers. He says that Global Meds is a big scam. As soon as the customer pays, he or she will never hear from the company again. A reply to this review claims that the pharmacy has even changed their payment method and number. The replier says that the guys are obvious scam artists.

The final reviewer says that after ordering his medications, he did not receive an order confirmation although his funds were taken from his account. He tried to contact Global Meds via email and phone call but he did not get any response. He claims that Global Meds is a Fraudulent company.

The overall rating that Global Meds had was a 1 star. This and the comments that you have just read above shows you that you will be making a mistake if you trust Global Meds. All the customers are really angry. Their money has been stolen and they have not received their medications. The company has a fake contact number, a fake website, they give out fake tracking numbers, and they don’t even respond to customer queries. All this point towards the fact that they are scammers.

You have the ability to avoid scammers. This can be done by making sure that any pharmacy that you order from is genuine. You can do this by choosing to use a store that has already been investigated by experts to determine its legitimacy. All the stores available in our catalog have been determined to be genuine.

Global Meds Discount Code

In order to save more money, the majority of customers will prefer a drugstore that will offer them the chance to use a code in order to save more money. Although these types of pharmacies are available online, Global Meds is not one of them. This store does not even sell genuine prescription meds.

Prescription Meds

Prescription Meds

The drugstore does not even have an existing website. This means that getting a chance to use any coupon code is impossible. Discount codes are only applicable in the online websites. We searched online in order to see whether there is was any discount code available for this the pharmacy. We did not find any.

If you are looking for a store that will offer you the chance to save more money using coupon and promo codes, these are available. However, they are very rare and finding a genuine store can be hard on your own. You can save yourself much of your time by using the stores that we have in our catalog. These have been investigated and proven to be genuine.

Global Meds Legit

Everything about global meds points towards the fact that the store is not genuine. They don’t have a website. Their social media presence is very limited to the point that when we checked their Facebook page, they had only 7 likes. People have already told you in the reviews listed above that the pharmacy is a fraud. They give out fake tracking numbers, websites, and fake shippers. They don’t respond to customer queries. They lie to people and after they have received the money, they will disappear. This proves their illegitimacy.


If you have been thinking of purchasing your medications from Global Meds, we would advise you to not do it. This pharmacy is not genuine. Their goal for posing as a drugstore is to lie to people and steal from them. This is something that previous customers have already proven in their reviews.

If you are looking for a genuine store, these are available. However, locating one is quite hard. We have been investigating stores for years. We have always added the stores that we determine as being genuine to our top-rated catalog. This list is available for you to choose a store that you can trust and order from them.

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