14Gas Causes, Signs And Symptoms

What is gas?

Stomach gas which is usually called as the flatulence is a quite common problem of the digestive system which is usually faced by a number of people today, and at the same time it is a thing which is also very embarrassing for most of us. It sometime comes from abdomen after you eat something or it is a result of some of the certain habits which are the usual diet choices of the people. The reason which can bea cause of the various stomach gas related problems can be due to the acid present in the stomach, swallowing much amount of the air while you eat something like the spicy foods or due to the stress which produces a type of acidic reaction like problems to the body of the person suffering. Whenever a carbohydrate which is present in food is eatenby us and are also not broken properly then it can be the cause of the gas to be present inside the gastro-intestinal tract.

There are some people who also suffer from the stomach gas as and when they come into contact with the lactose as they are intolerant with it and the diet lacks the presence of fiber. It is the stomach gas which causes a sensation of bloating which is noticeable after eating or drinking something. There are some other symptoms as well like the frequent burping, uncomfortable feeling of abdomen along with the severe pain and a foul odor wheneverthe gas pass through rectal canal. In few cases it is also possible to easily getting rid of the entire stomach gas problem only by following the common home remedies. These are called the home remedies because there is never need of a doctor in this method of treatment.


It is the intestinal bacteria which are supposed to be the excessive cause of the intestinal gas. This is a type of bacteria which can come in the stomach due to any one of the many possible sources. On getting the food digested in the stomach these bacteria are supposed to produce gases primarily methane and the hydrogen gas. When the food is passed through the big intestine then it causes the flatus’s to be produced out of the anus of the person who is suffering from the problem. In some cases carbon di-oxide is also produced by it but the carbon di-oxide is speedily absorbed by the various components of the intestine that it never causes problems.

Signs and symptoms

The major signs of stomach gas problem is farting which is called passing of methane like gases from the anus of the person suffering from the gas problems. There are people who sometime also feel the problems of little pain and related problems in the stomach.

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