Certified Canadian Pharmacy

98Certified Canadian Pharmacy

Though the internet has made a lot of things much easier, including getting drugs for various treatments; it has also become easier for scammers to cut through and it has also made the sale of counterfeit products much more easier. These are the main matters of concern when you decide to order your drugs from online pharmacies. If you make your order from an uncertified pharmacy, you might end up getting scammed or worse yet, you might end up getting the counterfeit which would not only be ineffective, but it could also lead to the deterioration of your health. So, it is always important to make your drug purchases from certified pharmacies to ensure you are on a safe side. Putting into consideration the high cost of meds in the United States, people tend to look to Canadian pharmacies to get their prescription meds with the aim to cut costs and save some money. Everyone always wants to pay less whenever there is a chance. However, when making orders from a Canadian pharmacy; you need to be careful and cautious so you don’t end up getting cheap but counterfeit drugs.

Certified Canadian Pharmacy Online

US citizens have found out that they could save a huge sum of money ordering their prescription drugs from Canada. This is because they are sold at a much cheaper price. The cheaper price is has a result of the effort of the Canadian government in the control of drug prices.

Nevertheless, as we have advised earlier in this article that it is wise to be extremely careful of the website you make your drug orders from because there are several illegitimate online drugstores that hide under the good reputation of Canadian pharmacies. Many have fallen prey to these drugstore owners who ship out counterfeit products. To avoid bad experiences buying your drugs online, ensure you buy it from a legitimate website. A legitimate Canadian online pharmacy would be accredited by Certified Canadian International Pharmacy (CIPA). They represent the organization of licensed pharmacies. Furthermore, a trusted online pharmacy would never sell prescription drugs to you without a doctor’s prescription. It would have a functional customer support that responds to customer queries swiftly. They must also have a physical address in Canada which must have a provincial pharmacy license number. If you notice that a website lacks any of the precautions listed above, then you ought to move on to find another website to prevent bad occurrences. Note that to find a list of certified pharmacies that you can trust, you should check our top list of recommended pharmacies. If you are in the US it is important to let you know that ordering drugs from Canada is not actually legal, but plenty of people do it and they do not get prosecuted for it. This is because the authorities look away as long the drugs ordered are not narcotics and other controlled substances, and you order a quantity not more than 3 months supply which signifies that it is for personal use. Also, you might want to prepare ahead for a backup plan in case you are taking a drug whose dosage cannot be missed as your package could encounter customs issues. Take a look at our list of Recommended Approved Pharmacies.

CIPA Canadian Certified Pharmacy

CIPA Canadian Certified Pharmacy

CIPA refers to a Canadian association of licensed pharmacies. Every CIPA member pharmacy is licensed and regulated by the government for safety. This is why we advised earlier in this article that you should look out for pharmacies which are CIPA certified. CIPA was founded in 2002 and record shows that since its inception it has shipped out drugs to over 10 million US patients and there has been no report of safety violation. As you already know, meds sold in the US are on the high side when it comes to prices. When US prices are compared to other prices in the world it happens to be just about the highest. The member pharmacies of CIPA are also known to sell prescription meds manufactured by A-list brands (e.g Pfizer, Eli Lily etc.) at a price 80% lower than the US price. So, CIPA provides patients with prescription meds at prices that are affordable when compared to the US prices. They claim to provide a maximum quality control and deliver swiftly to your doorstep. Note that they sell drugs to only Canadian and US citizens. And the quantity they ship out is a 90 day (3 months) worth of supply. How then do you know a CIPA certified pharmacy? All CIPA pharmacies display the CIPA seal on their website. Check out the image of the seal below.

CIPA Seal Image

CIPA Seal Image

There are about 63 Canadian pharmacies who display this seal on their website.

VIPPS Certified Pharmacy

VIPPS is another pharmacy accreditation that ensures your safety. It is an accreditation under the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies which was established as far back as 1904. Every VIPPS certified pharmacy is saddled with the responsibility to provide privacy for its customers, security and authentication of prescription meds, compliance with quality assurance policies and also the availability of reasonable consultation between customers and pharmacists. All VIPPS Certified pharmacies have the seal displayed on their websites. See how the seal looks below

VIPPS Seal Image

VIPPS Seal Image

All pharmacies bearing this seal on their website are monitored and must be involved in safe practices.


With the freedom of the internet, you never know which pharmacies can be trusted. So before you leap to purchase a drug ensure you follow the above precautions as they would go a long way in ensuring your safety regarding your personal data, financial data and the purchase of authentic drugs. The easiest precaution is to check our top list of recommended pharmacies, you would find all certified pharmacies on the list. Finally, we advise that you observe caution when you want to make a med purchase online as there are several scammers on the internet today.

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