12Arthritis – A Common Disease Which Needs To Be Fought

Joints are the parts of human body where the different bone meets to each other in order to provide flexibility to that particular part. The Arthritis is a disease related to the joints of the parts of body. It causes inflammation in the joints due to the arthritis infective reasons. The patient can feel pain in his one or more joints. The simple symptoms which are visible in the patients are limited function of the joints and pains to them.

Men, women, adults and children all can get affected through the problems of arthritis. Rheumatologist is referred to the expert of the Arthritis and related fields. In order to prevent the disability or irreversible damage caused by arthritis an early diagnosis and medication is very important. The diagnosis should be carried out as accurately as possible. In whole world around hundred type of arthritis is found. Its category is continuously increasing.

They include all sorts of Arthritis from wear and tear cartilage Arthritis to the overactive immune system caused Arthritis. Together with the other sorts of diseases the Arthritis can be a life threatening danger hence early diagnosis and prevention methods are best and should be followed. Direct or indirect infections, the misdirected immune system, hereditary factors, metabolic abnormalities and injuries are the major reasons for Arthritis.

How the Arthritis can early be diagnosed

An early detection of the symptoms of Arthritis can be confusing and vaguely. However it is very important to recognize and take proper action against them as soon as possible. It is only after early diagnosis the patients can start following the right treatment plan of Arthritis.

The early symptoms which might be felt in case of Arthritis suffering patients include

• Joint pain
• Stiffness in joints
• Tenderness in or around the joints
• Limited motion of joints
• Warmth or redness at or near the affected joints

Early symptoms of arthritis are much more important to be recognized for proper treatment. However there is some of the other important information as well which is needed to be gathered. This information is important to identify or diagnose the symptoms in order to find the exact type of Arthritis so that treatment could also be started accordingly. The limited functions of affected joints as well as the pain in the joints are some of the major and early symptoms of Arthritis.

Below are given the other things / related information which is needed to be gathered and told to the doctors.

• Medical history
• Diagnostic test
• Disease progression assessment and
• The current physical examination

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